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    «During the ceremony, Rod Fergusson invited all of the Diablo IV Gold attendees to watch The Game Awards as they’ll be making some announcements.»Blizzard announced that Diablo 4 is still getting Set Items, though you’ll probably have to wait until after launch to play with them.

    Director of games Joe Shely explains during a recent roundtable interview that reimaging sets in a way which is suitable for Diablo 4 properly wouldn’t be possible until the beginning of next year. However, the team is considering making them part of the live-streaming service.

    «As we’ve been developing the game, we believed that we could build sets in a completely new approach to the ones we’ve experienced in Diablo 3. We needed more time to get sets into the game in an approach that works in conjunction with Diablo 4, so you will not see any sets until the launch into the game.» Shely explains. «We think sets are very cool and want to make them look good – and that’s what we’re looking over for our Live service.»

    «There’s a staff legendary in the demo that turns [the spell] fireball into a triple fireball spell,» Former game director Luis Barriga told Polygon(opens in new tab) back in the year 2019. «The difference might be that, you know it’s a set that’s available in live Diablo 3 gives you bonuses which can be a million times more. We’re thinking of designing the game right now to be a less constrained in order to avoid entering that growing power curve.»

    If you’re unfamiliar the term, Set Items are typically strong pieces of equipment that can provide higher power when put together. They’re «set» in that they provide the exact advantages, and, of course, they come as part of an entire set. They were first introduced during Diablo 2, though it was 3 that they became Diablo 4 Gold buy truly dominant. It is yet to be determined what effect they’ll have on the Diablo 4 meta should they be released, but we have absolutely no doubt that their impact on the upcoming fashion scene will be greatly felt.

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