Inicio Foros General How does sleep apnea affect a person’s life?

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    A person’s life can be profoundly impacted by sleep apnea in a number of ways. It throws off sleep patterns, resulting in fragmented and low-quality sleep that can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, exhaustion, and trouble focusing. Additionally linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular issues like hypertension, heart disease, and stroke is sleep apnea. Untreated sleep apnea can also affect mood, memory, and cognitive function, which can result in sadness, irritability, and a general decline in quality of life. Sometimes doctors will prescribe Modalert 200mg, which contains modafinil, to treat excessive daytime sleepiness brought on by sleep apnea. During the day, it encourages wakefulness and attentiveness. However, in order to address the underlying causes and lessen the condition’s negative effects on one’s health and daily functioning, it is imperative that people with sleep apnea seek medical examination and treatment.

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