RuneScape manner if uve completed it once it wont be a necessity

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    Head back to your own bank and deliver back a noticed 50 coal for an extra reward rs gold 2007.I have a little extra coal that I thought you might like. Hmm? Now I can create weaponry and additional armor!

    I believe there ought to be more things there and that we should only need to do this wave once or kill queen after in order to get that item. That manner if uve completed it once it wont be a necessity. That way u wont need to be pass wave lvl 7 to high gamble or kill queen to buy a granite body.

    One new reward or fresh grab, would be updating your armor, like how u can upgrade your role, that would bring alot more ppl into enjoying barb assult. (I mean armor only purchaseable from the points not the granite) There could also be a bonus for having lvl 5 gear…

    Another idea would also be getting more granite stuff out of barbarian assult i.e maybe granite maul 25k and kill queen, as well as purhcaseable by factors 200 in each function, there might also function as granite sword in there, 50 attk 60 str or 50 whichever is better.1 handed

    Another thing is not 500 being the max but 1000 or more in your points. That would be useful for gaming and maybe have super high gaming (1000) points which would increase the chance of getting a better thing, and also the rare desired dragon chainmail.

    Another awsome idea would include The queens leg as a wep, a 2 hand wep with 70 attk and 70 str that could be great 4 slashing and stabbing, shapped like a sickle but much longer and larger, two handed.

    Another awsome idea would be adding the eggs to the obtainable items, the eggs could be sellable on the grand market, it could be used in herblore cheap RuneScape gold, it could be used like a super combat potion(red egg), or even with other eggs to make super magic potion(blue walnut ) or a super comprising potion(green egg).

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