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    You may not get the rare things that they’re still attempting to get (like binding or eye) but they might let you scoop up loot. I combined a psever hit 60 and guild a couple of months prior to AQ and I aimed up fast this way. Those went to wow classic gold who’d been there longer who still needed them (and rightfully so) but I managed to find decent things that nobody needed. There are also»catch-up» raids. That is what ZG is. It offers sidegrades to BWL to help guilds. Reputation, gear, sidegrade things to T3. A better question is, why could a new or returning player join an MMO as perplexing or busy since retail WoW?

    TIFU by logging in when I did. I had my first big raid as a new recruit yesterday. As a trial I wanted to truly impress these guys and show em I meant business. So I went over to the auction house and bought a plethora of unique concoctions and magic cocktails, as well as a few heaps of runn tum tubers. I also browsed the shelf and pressed on buyout. Yikes! Having spent my cash, I figured there’s no reason to half-ass that, so I jumped on a wyvern and blasted away towards Feralas cuz a dude was sellin’ cheap rid DM tribute ID.

    So I was that. Having said hello to Gelihast along with his slimy buddies and being awarded the boon of Blackfathom I flashed tf back into O-town. Doras, being real tired of my shit reluctantly let me borrow the reins of another wyvern and I made my way into Felwood. There relogged to smell a specific flower. Ported back to OG and logged out.

    Boom! Got back just in time for Overlord Runthak to shout. Something about heroes and a dragon. Immediately followed by the warchief about bearing witness to power and bathing blabbering. Alright! Never before had I been so blessed! I’d Warchief’s Blessing, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Songflower Serenade, Mol’Dar’s Moxie, Slip’kik’s Savvy, Blessing of Blackfathom, and Fengus’ Ferocity just for good measure. All I needed to do was wait. Logout.

    A few hours after it was time. The clock struck 19:10 and I pressed»Enter World». There I stumbled between also the flight master and the mage trainer a second before I began to channel my Hearthstone. The casting pub came almost halfway there until it… stopped? And then I saw HIM. A degree 60 gnome rogue using his shot. As I dropped, in my capital the poison took the past couple of slivers of hp. While desperately looked for my buffs, I felt nothing but shock and anger. Gone. WTF!? Hours of preparations down the drain.

    I told the guys what happened and got my F’s in conversation and made my way into the raid. BWL was cleared by us first then MC and I think/hope I did fine. On the gnome I have nothing to buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold but this: I’m not angry anymore. I’m impressed. You’re not safe, not even on your own home! Hide yo wives, hide yo buffs, they killin’ everybody out there.

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