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    Grizzlies upgrade defenseWithout Morant The Grizzlies did better on 2K23 MT
    the defensive side, especially against Curry. The defense was more tense than before, however Poole and Klay seemed to be more comfortable.

    When Curry is playing with the ball, Curry will be able to get the ball, but the Grizzlies will do everything to prevent Curry from scoring a 3-pointer, push Curry into the paint, suppress his shot, and force Curry to let the ball go.

    Even though this allows the players who are not Warriors players to make three-pointers, it’s a regret that they could not grasp it.I must admit it is Morant is the most obvious flaw of the Grizzlies’ defense. He’s thin, but the Grizzlies also made numerous mistakes when it came to defense awareness, resulting in some good scoring opportunities for the Warriors during the opening two games.

    The significance of Curry for the Grizzlies is greater on the offensive side and he’s the Grizzlies scorer with the longest streak of consistency point.Warriors can be hard offensePoole and Curry’s break-through by using the ball last game and Wiggins and Kuminga’s cut in the air performed well.

    The most direct reason is the fact that the Grizzlies have only one Jaren inside, while the Warriors are only required to play using a pick-and-roll method.

    Move Jaren out of rim in order to help make the Warriors their interior offense more smooth Cheap NBA 2K MT. But during Game 4, the Warriors’ interior offense was a bit rough. Morant was injured, and Adams was used as a fill-inplayer, adding to the Grizzlies defense.

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